Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you repair my blinds?

We can only look at repairing blinds which are ours. That is, we do not repair blinds made or sold by any other companies. Also, we do not repair blinds more than 7 years old. Even in these cases, it is often a more cost-effective option to get new blinds. 

  • Do you sell DRAPERIES?

YES, In addition to shutters and blinds, we offer drapery and hardware

  • How much for an ‘average-sized window’?

There is no such thing. Windows come in a huge range of sizes. We must have accurate measurements to start with.

  • How much will my blinds cost?

Everything we make is made to measure to the 1/16" so it is difficult to give you a “square foot rate” or “piece rate”. The main determinants of price are fabric and textile finishes and these are grouped from lowest to highest, so a “group 1″ material will be the cheapest. Our design consultant can give you an exact costing in your home.

  • What is the procedure for placing an order?

We require 50% deposit to initiate an order. The balance will be due upon delivery. We accept personal checks, credit cards and cash. If there are any alterations to the order, these will need to be clarified prior to placing the order as it may affect the price.

  • What time are they coming to see me?

Once you make an appointment for a representative to come and give a free in home consultation. You will be offered the next available day. The representative should then contact you the day before or the morning of the appointment to confirm a time with you. 


Discount Shutters and Blinds is a California State Licensed Contractor (Lic# 553505), Bonded and also accredited with an A rating from the BBB. It is very important that you only do business with a licensed contractor, and a business that is Accredited with the BBB. This is the standard for contractors doing work in your home or business.